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Letter for Basic Marketing Plan

This is a marketing plan form for a small business without a big budget to spend on media, expensive collateral pieces, etc.

Name of Your Business: <name>

Target Markets:

1. <#1 target>
2. <#2 target>
3. <#3 target>

Marketing Goals: (% increase in revenues, etc.; in order of priority)

1. <#1 goal>
2. <#2 goal>
3. <#3 goal>

Public Relations

Media Outlets: (newspapers, magazines, web sites)

Most important (title)-<title>
Second most important (title)- <title>
Third most important (title)- <title>

Collateral Materials Needed (brochures, business cards, etc.)

1. <#1 collateral>
2. <#2 collateral>
3. <#3 collateral>

New Media (Web sites)
Do I have the resources to create a Web site?

Direct Mail
What type of mailer can I create (letter, card, etc.)?

Can I acquire a mailing list?

How will I track the results of my marketing efforts?

Potential Expenses
Bulk mail permits
Mailing lists
Web site hosting
Web programming

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